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Installing the gearbox to the bucket wheel.

04 . 06 . 2024

Installing the gearbox to the bucket wheel.

We are pleased to announce the successful completion of an important project for a new client. Our company has delivered and installed a modern gearbox for a bucket wheel, a crucial component for the optimal functioning of our client’s energy system. ⚙️🔧

Project Details: ▪ Gearbox type: Patentus PAT-KW3-3081 ▪ Gear ratio: 226.211 ▪ Power: 160 kW

The installation and commissioning process went smoothly, adhering to the highest technical standards and in close cooperation with the client. Our team focused on ensuring that each stage of the project was executed with the utmost precision to guarantee long-term efficiency and reliability of the system.

We thank the entire team for their professionalism and dedication, which contributed to the success of this project. 🙌👏