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Patentus begins expansion into India’s booming mining market

05 . 07 . 2023

Patentus begins expansion into India’s booming mining market

We are delighted to announce that we are leveraging our skills and resources to open a promising new chapter in our journey – the expansion into the robustly growing Indian market. This strategic move, a result of our hard work and preparations, not only allows us to execute our plans but also enables us to share our unique experience and innovative approach to technology with this dynamically developing market.

Right from the onset, we have managed to initiate a fruitful cooperation within the HINTECH group, combining our strengths with local mining companies, universities, and IBM. Our efforts were focused on creating synergies that will support us in our pursuit of mutual growth and innovation.

We enthusiastically welcome the positive responses from Indian companies and government institutions that have expressed interest in our innovative approach. We believe that this wave of enthusiasm opens up remarkable possibilities for further effective actions in this market.

India, as one of the key players in the world, has immense potential that we plan to effectively utilize. Our priority is to ensure that our presence and contribution in this burgeoning market contribute to its further growth and our success.

We eagerly look forward to further shaping our presence in the Indian market. This is a pivotal moment for our company and the entire HINTECH group, considering the vast potential of this region. We hope that our collaboration will contribute to collectively shaping the future of business in this exciting country.

We invite you to follow our latest news, which will document our actions and successes in the Indian market.

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