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PTS-26 Haulage Platform

PTS-26 Haulage platform FOR INCLINATION UP TO 25°

PTS-26 haulage platform is intended for equipment transportation up to 26 tons on the ground and underground.
Rotary-mounted RBK5 grips allow the use of transport slings for the load stabilization. RZKR transport slings are recommended.
Platform can be used as a pallet for load transported with overhead conveyor.
PTS-26 platform may also be used in underground mines in non-methane and methane areas, in excavations of „a”, „b” or „c” methane explosion hazard degree, and of „A” and „B” carbon dust explosion hazard degree.


Technical specification

Properties: Values:
Dimensions: height x width x length 260 x 1000 lub 1460×2800-3257 mm
Pallet dimensions 110 x 1000 lub 1460 x 2800-3267 mm
Permissible load 260 kN
Permitted maximum speed:

– in horizontal excavations

– in inclined excavations

8 km/h

2 km/h

Transport routes maximum inclination:

– with the use of hook equipment

– with the use of ø60 retaining pin, hook coupling, and other appropriate safety equipment approved for mine use.


Runway width 750 mm
Weight approx. 1967 kg

Files to download

Technical drawing

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