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Mining machinery production

About Patentus

We specialize in high-performance, complete transport systems, that ensure comfortable and safe operation, even in the most difficult mining and geological conditions in underground and opencast mines. Our experience also allows us to perform transport systems for various products for many industries, including heating, energy, metallurgy, machinery chemical and other. We manufacture mining equipment such as scraper conveyors, belt conveyors, bucket conveyors and others, coal, concrete, rock and other crushers, as well as devices supporting efficient transport.  We also manufacture gears for mining machines, but also for energy, railways, heating and other industries.

O firmie Patentus
O firmie Patentus


Thanks to many years of experience and modern machine park, Patentus has become a leading manufacturer of gears. We have a complete set of human and machine resources to design and manufacture innovative gears used in many industries.


Modern and innovative solutions for underground mining

We have a professional Research and Development Department, as well as a Construction Department, thanks to which we constantly expand our offer and improve all technological solutions. Our development efforts allow us to provide the highest standard of products and services, and thus gain a competitive advantage.

O firmie Patentus
O firmie Patentus

Steel structures

The scope of Patentus’ activities includes the production of large-size and complex steel structures. Amongst many, we offer drilling rig elements, structures for the off-shore industry, hot air and exhaust ducts, pressure tanks and steel structures for mining machinery.

Metal processing services

In order to provide solutions ideally suited to individual needs, we make devices based on our own resources and technical documentation of our clients. We provide a number of services, including robotised welding, CNC grinding, CNC turning, CNC boring and others for external customers. We are constantly expanding our machine park, which increases the innovation of all products in our offer.

O firmie Patentus
26 years of activity on the market
80 mln PLN worth of EU projects
2009 Debut of Patentus S.A. on the WSE
Patentus S.A.

Current operations

  • manufacturing of specialized equipment for mining industry based on our technological solutions,
  • manufacturing of large-size steel structures,
  • manufacturing of conveyor transport systems for various industries,
  • manufacturing of gear transmissions and gears,
  • repairs of mining machinery and equipment,
  • repairs of toothed gears,
  • machining with the use of the extensive machine park,
  • heat treatment,
  • trade in steel, metallurgical products, welding equipment.
O Pantentusie

Patentus Capital Group

Patentus S.A.

Ul. Górnośląska 11, 43-200 Pszczyna
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Zakład Konstrukcji Spawanych Montex Sp. z o. o.

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Quality Policy

The company operates on the basis of the Quality Management System according to EN ISO 9001, which proves the high and repeatable quality of the products and services offered. To ensure customer satisfaction, production is carried out in accordance with their expectations.

The company is still looking for new solutions, watches over their promotion and supervises implementations directly at customer’s place. PATENTUS S.A. uses the knowledge of scientific institutions, organizes exhibitions and conferences, and conducts research on improving products, their reliability and assurance of safe exploitation.