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Another speciality of the Patentus company are ropedrums and ropewinches.

Herringbone Gear (Double helical gear)

Herringbone Gear (Double helical gear):
module - 12,
diameter - 1200 mm,
numer of teeth 96.

Impact crusher

Production of 2.5 MW gearbox casing

Thanks to professional team of welders and the use of our new FERMAT boring machines, we are able to perform a production process of large toothed gearboxes with the weight exceeding 20,000 kg. Presented here - recently manufactured casing for a gearbox of a total weight of 8,500 kg. with power exceeding 2.5 MW. To ensure precise execution, which is what PATENTUS Capital Group is famous for, we used specialized screwing and tensioning units with controlled - regulated torque. This allowed us to manufacture the gearbox casing with tight tolerances.

Supply of propulsion system components for locomotives.

Supply of toothed gears for the railway industry

Supply of toothed gears for locomotives of series ET22 (EU07), EN57, 104E, SM42.

KWK Ziemowit

Supply of innovative bevel-planetary reducer PAT-mKPL 25/33 for scraper conveyors drive units in KWK Ziemowit coal mine. PAT-mKPL 25/33 distinguishes by lower weight, smaller dimensions and less complexity of the toothed gearbox structure in comparison to its counterparts on the Polish mining market.

Turów lignite mine

Supply of bevel-planetary gearbox PAT-MRKP700, installed in drive units of stackers / multi-bucket excavators in Turów lignite mine.

Bełchatów lignite mine

Supply of bevel-planetary reducers PAT-MRSP950 installed in drive units of stackers / multi-bucket excavators in Bełchatów lignite mine.

KGHM – ZG Rudna

Supply of bevel-cylindrical reducers PAT-KW2-3030 intended for drive units of belt conveyors for KGHM - ZG Rudna.

Zakłady Azotowe Kędzierzyn S.A.

Construction of the coal-feed installation at Zakłady Azotowe Kędzierzyn S.A.

Miechowice Heat and Power Plant

Supply and assembly of technological equipment for the coal-feeding and deslagging installations for Miechowice Heat and Power Plant

Remax 1312

Portable jaw crusher on caterpillar chassis designed for crushing hard to quarry rocks. Intended for: Quarries, Natural Rock Processing Plants, Recycling Plants.

Elektrownia Łagisza

Recreating the possibility of further operation of coal-feeding system for units 6 and 7 at Tauron Wytwarzanie S.A. – Oddział Elektrownia Łagisza after the fire within the coal-feed bridge.

Bus service platforms

Platform technical data (dimensions):
- platform working hight (bus crossing) - 2.5m - 3.0m (3.5m max.)
- width without rails (with rails) - 1300mm (4050mm max.)
- platform lenght (with stairs) - 7500mm (9400 max.)
-permissable number of service personnel - 3 persons