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PAT-1 Conveyor shifting equipment

Intended for horizontal and longitudinal use in inclined corridors up to 14º.

With transverse inclination of the excavation up to 12º, transport is permissible with 2 additional side struts (sidewall struts) mounted to special grips in the spreader beam.

PAT-1 allows to avoid problems related to:

  • Repeating displacement of the longwall drives with face/wall advance
  • Repeating movement of beam stage loaders with face/wall advance
  • Transportation of mining machinery heavy elements to the assembly site
  • Transportation of transformer stations and pumping sets
  • Transportation of mechanized casings, frames and drive units of scraper conveyors
  • Transportation of the above-mentioned equipment, elements and machine parts after completion of underground work..


Technical specification

Properties Values
Strut plate in accordance with industry standard B  – 85/1705 – 04 requirements
Working module total length of steel-link elements 1160 mm
Maximum pulling length 80 m
Stroke 1160 mm
Maximum pulling power (at 30 Mpa power supply pressure) 367,5 kN
Working pulling power (at 25 Mpa ) 306,20 kN
Power supply pressure 25 Mpa
Medium 3 ÷ 5 % oil/water emulsion
Hydraulic acutator SH 160 „Fazos”
Maximum pushing power  (30 Mpa ) 603 kN
Working pushing power (25 Mpa) 502 kN
Maximum pulling power (30 Mpa) 367,5 kN
Stroke 1250 mm
Safety factor ≥ 2

Files to download

Technical drawing

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