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Home » produkty » PAT-UPM-1 Conveyor shifting equipment

PAT-UPM-1 Conveyor shifting equipment

Technical specification 

Properties Values
Type PAT-UPM-1
Belt width 800 – 1600mm
Scraper conveyor trough width up to 1104mm
Length approx. 20510mm –  10 segments
Inrun length 9 – 18m
Number of segments 8-14
Permissible longitudinal inclination ± 35°
Permissible transverse inclination ±10°
Power supply pressure 25MPa
Conveyor shifter minimum force 2000kN
Vertical spreading 2 telescopic struts in front of the first segment and 2 telescopic struts behind the return station
Vertical route correction (additional equipment) depending on the needs


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