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UKP-1 Conveyor bolting-shifting equipment

  • Stroke: – up to 21 m
  • locking pin acutators – ø 75/ø 40×150 acutator
  • side strut acutators – ø 160/ø 100×850 acutator

ø 160/ø 100×1550 acutator

  • power supply – hydraulic unit or pressure main.
  • sliding force:
  • conveyor – 2 x 864 kN
  • conveyor shifting equipment – 2 x 306 kN


UKP-1 bolting-shifting equipment included in conveyor structure ensures the expansion of the beam stage loader drive unit and the belt conveyor’s return station mounted on its supporting trestle. The structure also enables cyclical reconstruction of the beam stage loader combined with belt conveyor shortening. The construction solution allows simultaneous reconstruction of beam stage loader and belt conveyor return station. It also enables to reduce the number of employees designated directly for reconstruction and significantly increases work safety by chain strands exclusion. All conveyor elements have holes or grips for lifting and transport.


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